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Custom Framed Photographs
Examples of wood frames with
 co-ordinated mats.

Mt Hood at Trillium Lake with a Black Watch mat in a Cherry frame A Portion of a panorama

  "Cascade Lakes of Oregon"

"Mt Hood at Trillium Lake"
Mahogany\Cherry Frame-S353125
One Mat=3333 Black Watch

Various treatments of Elk Lake at Dusk
Taupe over Rose Gray mats Taupe over Rose Gray mats

 "Cascade Lakes of Oregon."

Elk Lake at Dusk with Taupe over Rose Gray mats

Here's the final image ready

to leave our shipping room.

Brown framed versions of "Mt Hood at Trillium Lake"  from       Cascade Lakes of Oregon
Williamsburg Blue over Feldspar mats Midnight Green over Dusk mats Olde Tan over Midnight Green mats








Last Updated 2-3-2011