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Custom Framed Photographs
Examples of Colorplak Framing treatment

We specialize in two types of Colorplak Framing treatments...
1. Flat=The print is mounted on 3/8 fiberboard and laminated. Then the edges are trimmed and beveled; you can select different edge colors (shown below) to match your decor.
2. Float=The print is mounted on 1/4 fiberboard and placed on a back frame.  The result is an image that floats one inch off the wall. Again, you can select different edge colors (shown below).
Below is list of available edge colors. Below is a sample of a Flat frame. Below is a sample of a Float frame.
Colorplak's edge color sampler Notice the water fall picture lays flat against the wall.

This presents a very tailored look. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

The Mountain scene is displayed about 1"  from the wall.

This costs a little more but dresses the image nicely. Click thumbnail for larger view.

Flat frame used on a waterfalls scene Float Frame used on a mountain scene









Last updated 2-3-2011