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"Oregon's Flower Landscapes"

Oregon Scenery, painterly photos, pans; USA Pictures and Digital Art for sale
©1336 Three Water Lilies Painting
    Art sold as gallery wrap canvas or digital file


Our galleries are made of beautiful landscape photos, panoramas, Oregon  & USA scenic canvas paintings --- large scenic pictures and hand brushed "photo to painting" of Oregon, Washington,  Idaho,  New Mexico, California, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana,  Arizona ,  Louisiana, and Utah.  We have images of waterfalls,  lakes, rivers, sunsets, mountains, flowers, orchards, urban landscapes, bridges, deserts, vineyards, valleys, forests, farms, aerials, sunset color, ocean coastlines, lakes, wetlands, canyons, lighthouse pictures . You will find 1350 photographs for  wall art,  web or publication digital files,  hand brushed Canvas Photo Paintings   and soft, flowing  Satin Cloth Banners.  We also provide Giant Horizontal Panorama Pictures , Vertical Panoramas as well as Classy sketches and Special mats like Oregon and other State shapes.  Come see  Our Showroom.

Turning medium format photographic film into fine art has been our focus for over 2 decades.  We are now tackling many other states armed with digital cameras and lots of rubber on our tires emphasizing "photo to painting" projects to make painterly landscape scenics.
Although we frequently sell our work as individual pictures, we also provide "Galleries"  ...units of 16 or more large size wall art intoned to blend in color and concept...for businesses to  rent, rent to own, or purchase.  We specialize in photographs or "photo to painting" hand brushed canvas.    Many of our galleries are currently displayed on business and government walls and switched with new material every 6 months or so.  Take a look at the clients we have served over the years.

We organize our work into three books of Art:
"Finding Oregon's Best" (Oregon Photos,  Paintings, Panoramas)
"Compelling Landscapes" (Anywhere USA Painterly Photos, Pans)
"Digital Art Collections" (Concepts, themes, groups of like kind)
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